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"Our commitment to SeaPort-e"

M2 Services Corporation demands maintenance discipline and integrity in all we do. We require all our employees to comply with written guidance to ensure we complete all maintenance activities to standard, every time. Our quality system is ISO 9001:2008 compliant and based on LEAN tenants resulting in continuous process improvement through process-flow evaluation. We hold our employees accountable for achieving or maintaining our high discipline standards. We have an in-place Flight and Ground Operations Manual supported by our Standard Operations Procedures Manual to comply with requirements of the SeaPort-E Statement of Work. Our Quality Control Plan provides the procedures to measure our performance—the M2 Team is ready now to be one of the SeaPort-E maintenance partners.


Project Management and Quality Control: Our project management approach includes the processes and procedures for delivering the specified services that meet or exceed contract performance standards, on-time and within costs for the SeaPort-E Program. M2 is an ISO 9001:2008-registered company with an ISO-approved Quality Management System (QMS). All company processes, procedures, systems, and plans are structured in accordance with ISO standards.


M2 has developed and uses a Government-approved Quality Management System Manual, comprised of 34 Quality Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). Our Quality Management System defines the responsibilities and authority of the M2 Quality personnel, and outlines procedures for our QCP. Contract accounting is managed through a DCAA approved accounting system.


This contract supports Zones 1 thru 6.























For additional insight on the SeaPort-e Project or to discuss customer satisfaction please use the following information:


                                              M2 Corporate Office:

                                              5900 S. Lake Forest Dr. Ste. 240

                                              McKinney, Texas 75070


                                              Office number: (214) 491-1100

                                              FAX number (775) 923-4653


                                              POC: Juan Velez